A Costco Sized Discount On Your Next Car

When you hear someone mention Costco, its hard not to think of $1 food court hot dogs, the cheap pizzas, and for some most, the free samples. The store has a massive network of stores with over 35 Costco locations in Ontario – and 10+ locations in the Greater Toronto Area alone.

GM is offering employee pricing with their new January Programs if you have a Costco membership. The nationwide partnership with our favourite big-box store allows for close to $7000 off most 2019 GM SUVs. Plus receive a $500 cash card to use at any of their locations.

Take advantage of this program by using Conquest Cars Canada to connect to a GM consultant who will provide you competitive pricing and more information on the program.

For most Canadians, Costco is a place to get the small things in bulk, but Costco actually turns out bigger ticket items than you may think: vehicles.

Costco has been notorious for partnering with certain brands, and has offered a $1000 discount to all Canadians who hold a Costco membership for the past few years. North America wide the Costco Car Program referred over 465,000 buyers.

Costco GM Discount

To build locomotion in January, GM has created one of the most competitive new car programs in the Greater Toronto Area for its Holiday Sale Event. GM is offering employee pricing if you have held a Costco membership before January the 4th, and of course, are a current card holder. The nationwide partnership with our favourite big-box store allows for close to $7000 off most 2019 GM SUV’s for simple no haggle pricing.

“The Costco Auto Program benefits Costco and Costco members by bringing value to the Costco membership and driving new memberships,” a Costco Auto Program spokeswoman reported.

In Canada, consumer data indicates that over 50% of Canadian households have a Costco membership which means most will be eligible for this new program. The membership must be under the same name that the vehicle is purchased under. In addition to great pricing, you’ll also receive a $500 cash card to spend at any of their locations. If you’ve been waiting for a great deal on a 2019 vehicle, and are shopping for a reliable vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area, use our tool to match with our partnered consultants.

For more information about the Costco incentive, click here.

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