Check Open Recalls in Ontario

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Recall FAQ

How do I know my vehicle has a recall?

If you are the original owner of your vehicle, you will receive a text or mail notice about an open recall on your vehicle.

Can a vehicle with an open recall be sold?

A vehicle with an open recall is not legal to be sold or delivered in Canada. The recall maintenance must first be performed before it can be released.

What happens if I don’t get my recall fixed?

If you don’t get a recall fixed within the allotted time window, the vehicle repairs will no longer be eligible for free repair under warranty. There is generally a grace period, however you should always check for a recall before any purchase via private sale.

How long can I wait for a recall?

Depending on the recall type and scale, your manufacturer can make the recall notice available for an extended period, however there is a certain time limit before the recall is no longer serviceable under warranty. Therefore it is not advised to wait. When you bring in your vehicle for recommended service, and before a vehicle can be sold, or a contract is re-initiated, the vehicle’s VIN will be checked against any open recalls

Is an open recall on my vehicle dangerous?

An open recall is any issue, or potential issue that needs to be corrected on your vehicle. Most often recalls and bulletin notices are proactive and preventative before there is any danger or malfunction that could be dangerous or cause harm

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