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52% of car shoppers feel anxious or uncomfortable at dealerships

That is a pretty staggering amount of people for how many vehicles are on the road, and how much money it costs to buy and maintain a vehicle.

There is no doubt that the newest vehicles on the road are a massive improvement in may ways. Fuel economy is fantastic, safety standards and crash tests are much better.

So why hasn’t the process of why we purchase a vehicle improved? That’s the question that Conquest seeks to answer. Our goal is to bring automotive sales into the 21st century, by matching you with one of the most professional consultants of the brand you’re shopping, and in the industry itself. Imagine a better business bureau for dealerships and sales people, so you can trust who you’re buying from.

52% of car shoppers feel anxious or uncomfortable at dealerships.

Conquest seeks to solve the biggest automotive pain points to increase the speed of transaction. Match with a reputable rep who can assists you in getting the perfect new vehicle.

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