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This Is What 1400+ Electric Horses Sound Like

The Loudest Electric Car We've Heard

It’s like an RC car, but bigger and faster

This freak of a car has more than 1400+ electric horsepower and produces over 2300lb of torque. Ford Canada has created a Mach E Mustang with arguably the most insane specs we’ve ever seen on an electric car.

The vehicle charges fully in less than 45 minutes and decharges almost as fast with the amount of power being produced. It’s like an RC car, but bigger and faster.

Ford is clearly flexing the future of electric vehicles, and leading the charge with the future of electric vehicles in performance driving and power. The whine of the 7 electric motors is relentless and certainly a different tune than the rumble of a combustion engine producing anywhere near that kind of power.

With the excitement of this video, many Canadians are still awaiting for updates on their Mach E orders which should be arriving this fall. Ford unveiled the Mach E only a few months back, but is continuing to hype the release of the fully electric SUV which takes styling from it’s coupe Mustang. The Tail lights, headlights, and slope of the front hood

Nicholas Coatsworth

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