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The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Over The 2020 Honda Accord?

Head to Head Comparison

Could the new Sonata be your choice over the new Honda Accord? In this video I compare them head to head the new Sonata and not so new Accord. The new Sonata has a fresh look, the Accord shares a lot with the previous 2019 model.

I wanted to find out how Hyundai will win over the Honda fans with their new techy Sonata and a different design which has received mix feelings from everyone, even Hyundai fans. The new Sonata has some cool and S Class tech added for this year. In this video I go through, trims, prices and engine options. Also, dimensions and cargo space.

I took them for a test drive back to back, and I did my usual cabin noise test to see how they compare. I did a full launch control to see which one would do better in rain.

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