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2020 Toyota Highlander vs 2020 Kia Telluride

2020 Toyota Highlander Has Taken Down The Kia Telluride From The 3 Row Seater Throne, or Has it?

This time we are finally comparing the 2020 Toyota Highlander vs 2020 Kia Telluride. The Telluride has been the king of 3 Row Seater for awhile now. The new Toyota Highlander has joined the race – has Toyota finally done it? Let’s talk about prices and packages. Don’t forget, Toyota has plenty of models in their lineup, and also offers the even larger Toyota Seqouia, which also seats 7.

The Kia Telluride in Canada the base package called EX starts at 45,000 dollars in the USA the base model called LX and starts at 32,000 dollars. We covered the features and options for the price point in our 360 degree ‘virtual reality’ test drive video.

The US markets gets different names and packages compared to Canada, the top trim level in Canada is called SX Limited, in the United States it’s called just SX which starts at 42,000 dollars. In Canada the top trim SX Limited starts at $53,000 dollars, or you can add nappa leather option that gets you to $54,000 dollars.

There are definitely cheaper options in Kia’s lineup, however for the price point, it’s fair to say the Telluride punches way above it’s weight class and price point.

The one that we have today is the SX Limited the top trim which starts at $53,000 dollars. Now how does the Telluride compare to the 2020 Highlander? The Toyota Highlander in Canada base model which it is a FWD drivetrain called the Highlander L FWD starts at $40,000, in United States, the packages offered are similar, the base model starts at $34,600 dollars, meanwhile the platinum package starts at $47,000 dollars.

The Telluride doesn’t offered a FWD drive, but it does offer AWD. The models shown for this video are both the top trim you can purchase, the difference in price in Canada is about 1000 dollars more expensive for Telluride, in the United States the difference is the other way, the Telluride is cheaper by $4000 dollars compared to Highlander for the same trim.

What do they offer under hood? Well the Telluride only offers one engine and one drive train, V6, 3.8L naturally aspirated that makes 291 bhp with self leveling suspension system and multi terrain select option. The Highlander offers a little bit more, as I mentioned a FWD and AWD, 295-hp, 3.5L, 6-cylinder Direct Injection Engine and 8-speed Automatic Transmission. The AWD drivetrain offers the same engine with added features for the platinum which are Dynamic Torque Vectoring All Wheel Drive System with Rear Driveline Disconnect, and Multi-Terrain Select.

Let’s talk about dimensions, Telluride has longer wheelbase, it is wider and better length compare to the 2020 Highlander, but not massive difference. When it comes to cargo volume, well the Telluride does offer more cbft compared to the Highlander, behind the first row seat, the second and third row seat. The biggest difference is the third row seat at 21 cb ft for kia and 16 cbft for Highlander.

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