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What Happened to the BMW i3?

What You Should Know Before Buying a Used or New BMW i3!

Why did the BMW i3 fail to become a successful EV? Buying a used i3? In this video I go through everything you need to know.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, and I, as everyone else, like them. They are efficient, fast, they have less parts, and they require less maintenance. But there is a problem with them, they depreciate faster than petrol cars, except Tesla, which seems to hold value better than regular EVs. However, there is one car that seems to be the leader in depreciation, the BMW i3.

A little bit of history, the BMW i3 concept was introduced back in 2011 at the German auto show, the purpose was to make the i3 part of BMW’s new division the Project i. The car didn’t go into production till 2013. The idea behind the i3 was to make BMW a leader in EV production, and possibly take over Tesla.

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