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Best Sport Sedans Under 15K

Sedans with a manual transmission that you should buy in 2020

BMW 335i or Audi S4? Best used performance sedans. My goal for today’s video is to find out how these two compare after 5 years, which one has lost more value, which one has had more recalls during these 5 years, and how have they aged compared to the new models.

And which one should you buy?Under the hood the 2015 BMW 335i offers a turbocharged engine inline 6 xdrive or rwd, you can pick between a manual tranny or automatic single clutch ZF. It made 300 bhp and 300 lb ft of torque. It did 0-60 within 4.6 seconds. Think of this BMW as the little brother of the M3. The Audi S4 is a little bit spicier than that,it uses a v6 engine, supercharged that makes 335 bhp and 325 lb ft of torque.

Even though it makes more bhp it will do 0-60 in 4.9 seconds, slower than the BMW. The Audi S4 uses a double clutch s-tronic transmission and it offers a manual option for saving the manuals, something that you don’t get in the 2020 models. This applies to the BMW. The thing with the Audi S4 is that it only offers a awd system, unless you figure out a conversion.

I did a bit of research in forums, and if you are planning to buy the Audi S4 and not purchase warranty, the audi s4 this model has a timing chain, and somehow the audi engineers have actually thought of an interesting way to get mechanics mad by moving the timing chain in the back of the engine, which will require the removal of the engine completely.

Some people have paid over 10k, the part is not what will cost the most, labor of 20-30 hours. So do yourself a favor and get a warranty. I looked into the BMW biggest problems with the n55 engine and here’s what I could find: N55 Valve Cover/Valve Cover Gasket Oil Leak.

Similar to the N54, a leaking valve cover, valve cover gasket, or PCV valve are among the most common problems with the BMW N55 engine. … N55 Water Pump Failure. … N55 Leaking Oil Filter Housing Gasket. … N55 High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure (HPFP)

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