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2020 Lincoln Aviator vs 2020 Lexus RX350 L

The Aviator is years ahead, but it will cost you!

2020 Lincoln Aviator vs 2020 Lexus RX 350L. What do these two have in common?

Both are the luxury brands of major companies like Toyota and Ford, both are 3 row seaters, both are 2020 models and both can satisfy your budget. If your budget is under 60,000 dollars Canadian or 45,000 dollars US, well the Lexus is your choice. The RX350 also offers a standard 5 seater if 3 row seater is too big for you.

The L in the RX350 stands for Long because it is a 3 row seater and it is longer compared to the standard RX. Now, does it compare to the Aviator? The Aviator is almost 200 inches long, compared to the RX L at 196 inches. Which means the Lexus will be easy to park and easy to drive around parking areas or malls. If you need a powerful 3 row seater, the Aviator is your choice, under the hood it has a v6 twin turbo that makes 400 bhp and if that’s not enough and you have the cash, you can upgrade to the hybrid version which makes close to 500 bhp and can tow up to 6700 lbs with the standard model.

Which also means the Lincoln will be not as friendly to your wallet at the pump. The Lexus on the other hand is more conservative, if you pick standard engine, you get a v6 naturally aspirated that makes about 290 bhp and if you pick the hybrid, it will bump up to 310 bhp, and a maximum towing capacity of 3500 lbs. Now let’s talk about technology, comfort and convenience.

The Lincoln being the higher price vehicle, it justifies the extra cost, it has air suspension system with exit and entry mode, it has powered doors with soft closing option, both have powered lift gates, with the exception of the Lincoln that offers lowering option for the rear end which will help you get stuff in the cargo area.

Since the Lincoln offers the air suspension system, it also offers a system that through the outside cameras gathers data about road conditions and prepares the suspension system for immediate impact to avoid stiff driving. Inside the driver’s cockpit, both vehicles share some things, massive display, heated and cooling seats, leather interior, 360 cameras, and android auto and apple car play, built in navigation systems, heads up display and rear climate controls unit. In terms of safety, both are equipped with all necessary tools to prevent collisions and keep you within lanes.

The Lincoln goes a bit further, instead of 10 way adjustable seating, it offers 34 ways, and I must say very comfortable and it also includes massage seats with different moods. Lincoln also offers a digital cluster and of course premium audio system, also Lexus offers premium audio. The Lexus offers touch screen display and remote touch option as well so you don’t have to reach all the way to the screen.

When it comes to technology the Lincoln is the better choice, but that of course comes with a higher price tag. The Lincoln Aviator offers a very innovative technology called VisioBlade where the windshield wiper blade is actually heated in order to help you in cold days to clear the windshield.

Now let’s talk about space, since both are 3 row seaters, they offer 6 seats or 7 seats with captain chair option. In terms of cargo volume the Lincoln Aviator behind the 3rd row seat offers 18.3 cu ft of space, meanwhile the Lexus 350 L offers only 16.3 cu ft of space which is slightly less than the Lincoln.

The Lincoln Aviator offers far better space for the third and second row, at 40.1 inches compared to Lexus at 30.1 and the third legroom for the Lincoln is at 29.3 inches vs 23.1 inches for the Lexus. So overall the Lincoln Aviator is more spacious compared to the Lexus RX 350 L.

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