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2020 Mercedes GLB vs 2020 BMW X1

Why You Should Pick The GLB Over The X1

The BMW X1 was first introduced back in 2008, and it was based on the E91 3 series touring, and it didn’t come to North America till 2018. Sales went from 8000 units to 31000 units, it became quite popular. Now Mercedes wants a piece of that, this is why they have introduced the 2020 Mercedes GLB, a competitor to the BMW X1.

Today I am going to show why the GLB will take over the market and why you should pick the GLB over the X1. The BMW X1 wins over the GLB in only one aspect, the price, the standard X1 starts at 35,000 meanwhile the GLB starts at 36,000 dollars, and there’s a good reason why it is more expensive. The GLB offers 3 row seats, and it offers far more cargo volume than the X1 with the second row seat down, as good as the BMW X3.

The 3rd row seat in the GLB is not meant for adults since it is impossible to sit inside. Under the hood they both offer similar engines, the X1 with a 2 lt 4 cylinder inline twinpower turbocharged making 228 bhp meanwhile the GLB offers a similar engine that makes 221 bhp.

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