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2021 Mazda3 2.5T Turbo just got exciting!

The First Drive!

Finally the Mazda3 we have been waiting for.

2021 Mazda3 Turbo – finally I had the opportunity to test drive it and in this video I am going to show you everything you need to know about the Mazda3 Turbo.
Here are some specs:
– GT with Skyactiv-G 2.5 T with Dynamic Pressure Turbo (DPT) engine
Following features are only available in GT Trim:

  • Chrome lower bumper inlet decoration
  • Increased diameter exhaust outlets
  • Exterior mirrors in Jet Black Mica
  • Turbo badge on trunk
  • Turbo badge on engine cover
  • Gloss Black front grille

About the new GVC system:
GVC maximizes tire performance by focusing on the vertical
load on the tires. The moment the driver starts to turn the steering wheel, GVC controls engine drive torque to generate a
deceleration G-force, thereby shifting load to the front wheels. This increases front-wheel tire grip, enhancing the vehicle’s
turn-in responsiveness.
Thereafter, when the driver maintains a constant steering angle, GVC immediately recovers engine drive torque, which
transfers load to the rear wheels, enhancing vehicle stability.

Engine specs:
GT (Optional) &100th*
DOHC 16-valve
4 / in-line
2,488 cc
250 @ 5,000 rpm (with 93 octane fuel)
227 @ 5,000 rpm (with 87 octane fuel)
320 @ 2,500 rpm (with 93 octane fuel)
310 @ 2,000 rpm (with 87 octane fuel)

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