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The 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe is unbeatable.

When Mercedes introduced the CLA Coupe back in 2013, it went on sale first in Europe then United States, it wasn’t much of hype. Some didn’t like this new style, also the size, and of course it was a front wheel drive Mercedes. Yack! In 2014 Mercedes sold 14,000 units in the USA, fast forward to 2019 it sold 24,000 units. It seems like Americans and Canadians are hooked on the CLA. I see them everywhere, cities, highways, from CLA250 to CLA 45 AMG.

So what’s new for 2020? New exterior, new lines, different engine and more tech features. The interior of the 2020 Mercedes CLA comes with a massive display, cluster and infotainment system in on piece but split. The 2020 Mercedes CLA will be offered with the higher performance model, the CLA 45 AMG.

The 221-hp and 258 lb-ft, 2.0L inline-4 engine combines turbocharging with numerous advances to deliver more power from less fuel. The engine is paired with 7G-DCT 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission delivering the power by a 4Matic awd system for better grip and safer driving in the snow. It will do 0-100 within 6.3 seconds, slightly better than the 2 series Gran Coupe.

The model shown in this article has an AMG package to give it more sporty exterior, from the wheels to the exterior lines, and the seats. The CLA offers plenty of room for it’s size, the trunk offers 460l of capacity which isn’t the most in it’s class. When I reviewed the 2 Series Gran Coupe against the CLA, being 6.2 feet tall, the Mercedes felt spacious compared to the 2 Series Gran Coupe.

The interior of the CLA is far better than the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe in my opinion. The fit and finish in the CLA feels more luxurious inside, the chrome vents, the chrome line in the steering, the crystal clear infotainment system which can be operated through the central track-pad, or through the scroll button in the steering wheel while not taking away your eyes from the road. The cluster, depending on the driving mode, it changes the layout and can also be operated through the scroll button on the left of the steering wheel.

How does it drive? The transmission works like magic, smooth and fast. The ride is soft and stiff depending on the driving mode. Visibility is a little tricky since the design in the back has reduced the size of rear glass and the side rear windows. The beauty of this car is that it offers a 360 camera view which is sharp and clear to give you the best surrounding view of the car. The power delivery in sport mode is enjoyable and passed 3000 rpm the engine power really comes out. The road noise is not noticeable, the engine noise is. I did do a db test and came within normal levels, under 63 db at 100kmh.

Last words, get one and don’t look back. BMW has got work to do.

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