Pandemic Air Filters & Insurance Mascots | Episode #1 | Conquest Podcast

Insurance Company Mascots, Hybrids, & Other Thoughts

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This week’s podcast focuses on a new EV vehicle from Hyundai to replace the Ioniq, the upcoming Yaris Crossover from Toyota, if insurance companies need mascots, and more!

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Nicholas Coatsworth

Nicholas has been in the automotive industry for 5+ years working directly with large dealer groups including the Humberview Group, and at the dealership level doing business development. He is the editor in chief for Conquest Cars Canada, and is passionate about helping his clients understand and master the nuances of shopping and learning about new vehicles. Whether you're looking for pointers before visiting the dealership, or general information to help you find your next car, he believes in enabling his readers with education and confidence to help find the right deals and savings for their next car.

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