Most Expensive Cars Ever sold – Top 10

The car you buy today could be worth a heck of a lot more in the next 20 years. Get inspired with the top 10 most expensive cars ever sold.

10. The Most Expensive Car Sold By Porsche. The 959 Paris-Dakar of 1985-$5,945,000

The Porsche elicits a type of unbridled enthusiasm which only features in few marquees. It is one of the most expensive cars ever sold privately from Porsche. Prices have gone up consequently in the past few years, regardless of if large amounts of Porches were designed to keep their prices away from the stratosphere where the classic Ferrari’s exchange hands.

There was an exception made during last October in Porche U.S headquarters situated at Atlanta, Georgia. There was an auction held in dedication to the 70th anniversary of Porche. There was the hard to find Porche 959, the non-roadgoing car which was among the Group B only three machines. The company had put these cars in the 1985 Paris-Dakar rally, and this Porche was among the developmental seven prototypes. This car was about to double its estimation during pre-sale with a price tag of around $5.9 million.

9. Alfa Romeo 1932 Tipo B-$6,060,986 – One of the most expensive cars & oldest on this list

One of the most expensive alfa Romeo cars ever sold
In this article, you are going to find a lot of Ferraris, but this car is an exception. The Scuderia Ferrari initially campaigned the Alfa Romeo before striking out to be on their own. This vehicle is a Tipo B racer originating from the early 1930s; it predated the World War II outbreak and the consequent advent of the present day Formula One Planet Championships.This Romeo was among the first “Monopostos”-one-seat cars for racing with the center-placed cockpit and it went down as among the victorious examples. The popular racer, collector, and aviator got this vehicle in 1935 from Scuderia and raced it to victory during the Donington Grand Prix. For over eight decades that followed, it was sold at Goodwood during July 2018 for about $4.6 million, which will go for about $6 million.

8. Ferrari 250 GT Tour de France of 1958- $6,600,000

The Tour de France name has a common association with racing bicycles in the modern day; nonetheless, there was a period when the cars used to race across the Gaul in their Tour. The 250 GTs long-wheelbase which struck the first victories came to acquire the Tour de France name. This Ferrari held a place of pride in the history of marquees and Ferrari in the recent times revived the name of Tour de France for the hardcore F12 Berkinetta variant.

There are only seventy-seven examples of the initial TdFs that were created; therefore when one of these 250 GTs appears in the Pebble Beach auction during the past summer, after fifty years at the ownership of the same owner, it attracted a lot of money. It was beatifically given a restoration of its initial dark metallic gray with an interior that is light gray; the Tour de France fell close to the bottom end of the estimated price; however, it still went for about $ 6.6 million.

7.Ferrari 275 GTB 1965 Speciale-$8,085,000

In normal cases, the 250-series attract higher prices than its successors, the 275 series, however, the 275 GTB was a molto speciale. While the Scaglietti skinned most of the other 275s, this specific model was under the assembly of the Pininfarina for the founder Farina Battista. This car has multiple special touches; headlamp covers, custom grille, and the Heuer stopwatches. Ol’ Pinin had the 275 Acqua Verde painted metallic which was borrowed from the catalog of Alfa Rome, and it was upholstered with the red-colored leather.He gave a display of this car during car shows in Turin, Frankfurt, and Paris . after about two decades under the care of one owner, Battista kicked the bucket shortly after possessing this Ferrari, this automobile went below the hammer at Scottsdale, where it attracted over $ 8 million price tag.
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6. The Most Expensive Car Sold By Ford was not the Mustang. It’s the Ford 1966 GT40 Mk II- $9,795,000

The most expensive Ford ever sold
If there is an American classic which belongs among these stallions, then it is the Ford GT40. This vehicle beat Maranello during Le Mans 24 hours. After six subsequent victories and three others before at the storied endurance race of France,Enzo’s Scuderia in 1966 was defeated by the Dearborn mainstream automaker.The GT49 was the vehicle which rounded out the great Ford’s 1-2-3 finish in 1966, and it is among the eight built Mark II examples. It was used for racing in the time of legends such as Richie Ginther, Ken Miles, Peter Revson, Mark Donohue, and A.J Foyt. These cars do not often appear for sale. Therefore when this historic sample was available for purchase this past August in Monterey, it is a small wonder it was sold for about $ 9.8 million.

5. Aston Martin DB4 1961 GT Zagato- $13 Million

Out of all the forged coachbuilder-automaker collaborations on four wheels, the Zagato relationship with Aston Martin has created some fine creations. The pair are still at it up to date, the romance continuation which began sixty years ago ended in a splendid alteration of the DB4 which gave the Ferrari 250 GTOs a run for their money.The 2 VEV as identified from its registration number was not just a beauty queen but also among the three created by the factory to the specification of the lightweight MP209. It is also the only car among the two cars used extensively for racing by the Essex Racing Stable. It also raced for several years before at Goodwood. Goodwood is also the place for the sale of this car which was about $13 million.

4. Aston Martin 1963 DP215-$21,455,000

The most expensive Aston Marin ever sold
As hard as it may seem, the more valuable Aston Martin was sold at the auction barely a month later after, the earlier mentioned GT Zagato-and for about twice the price. Known as Design Project 215, it was the single-off prototype. Usually, based on a similar DB4 GT chassis as Zagato, it rather cloaked enclosed in the experimental bodywork of magnesium-aluminum.The Aston Martin created the DP215 a budget that was shoestring, merely two months before Phil Hill driving at the Le Mans during 1963. Hill ran this car at 198.6 miles per hour straight down the Mulsanne. A transmission that was overtasked drove this Aston Martin out of the race only after two years. And later after about six decades, it ran across the Monterey auction towards the hands of a new owner at a price tag of $ 21.5 million.

3.Duesenberg 1935 SSJ-$22,000,000

This vehicle was the most expensive American car sold at an auction. The Duesenberg 1935 SSJ is among the only two cars to be made. It was under the ownership of the Hollywood superstar Gary Cooper, who purchased it after he took an admiration of one belonging to his colleague Clark Gable. The SSJ’s bodywork of the bobtail speedster sprouts a massive 6.9 liter straight eight. This output figure could drive the Duesenberg at high speed of 140 mph.

Due to its commission that was studded, the SSJ went through several rough hands, for instance, those of the famous Cunningham Briggs, who gave it to the famous collector Collier Miles at a price, who later sold it at the Monterey auction in the last summer.


2. Ferrari 1956 290 MM-$22,005,000

Ferrari 1956 - One of the most expensive cars ever sold
This automobile campaigned some time as a car from Scuderia Ferrari works. It has been put under various modifications over time, with the most notable one being the alteration of the four-cylinder engine to a twelve. This modification put this car in the second position among the five Mille Miglia 1956 top Ferrari spots. Sterling Moss was the driver who later showcased the true potential of the car by dominating Bahamas races during the following year.

1. Ferrari GTO 250 of 1962-$48,405,000 – The Most Expensive Car Ever Sold

Ferrari 250 - The most Expensive Car Ever Sold
Indiana Jones had the Holy Grail and so did Christianity and the folks of cars have put this Ferrari 250 GTO on the same plane. This high-priced automobile collector was above the rest in this article, and it acquired one that attracted a huge sum as stated above. It was the third of the thirty-six built. The 2413 chassis number of the 250 GTO took over 15 class as well as victories in sports-car racing in Europe during the early 1960s, including the double class wins in the Italian GT championship of 1963 and Targa Florio.It is among the series I seven examples that were rebodied by the Scaglietti with a shape that was more streamlined which did not hurt the value of the car. Its sale of the headline grabbing $48.4 million during the past summer in Monterey was the highest to be paid for any vehicle during a public auction.
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